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Customized: Your Queries answered

Growth Hacking -concept & introduction to a few tools

Case Study Methodology: SMBs-Large Businesses

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1. Most campaigns today have a social media element. But while some work, reality is most don't . We are going to compare campaigns in the same category to see what distinguishes the successful campaigns from others & how we can apply it to our own business.

2. We are going to discuss the business of marketing & advertising & where the opportunity is for marketing professionals. Not in fancy jargons but actual real-world examples. (And yes everybody does not have to know AI or Machine Learning –for the folks who keep spouting the jargon in every seminar)

3. Understand growth hacking & a few tools which you can start using tomorrow to enhance your ROI.  

4. We will see how good marketing goes beyond the size of budget & business, even during Covid -a chicken farmer in the UK to a food delivery company in France,to a baker in Vietnam.

5. Examples of marketing where brands haven't marketed/advertised but their actions got them customer traction or revenue or even both.

6. Extra if we get time- We will discuss a few case studies from 2 of my favourites:

-This year’s Superbowl

- The genius of Ryan Reynolds

Main Point- more than anything I want the interaction to be as customized as possible to your queries/concerns. So I will take out time to answer your queries & we will discuss individual marketing challenges for some of the attendees & how they could relook at them.

Testimonials from other marketers & strategists:

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I have known Saurabh since I was his student. With his passion, knowledge, and skills, we all benefited. If you really want to learn marketing, digital and social strategies, I think Saurabh is the go-to person. 

Alok Bhute
Head of Strategic Planning-AdAsia Vietnam

He always employed wit and wisdom to make a class interesting and looking back I'm still astounded by how much I remember from the classes almost a decade on! For anyone who has the good fortune to pick his brain on various brand, product marketing, and online marketing topics I'd say grab the chance with both hands and you will not regret it!

Deepti Gahrotra
Product Owner- Career Partner GmbH ,Germany

Mr. Parmar is an extremely well-read educator and branding evangelist who looks for real solutions beyond all the drama of superficial glitz marketing. His goodie box of case studies from around the world will make sure you get a healthy dose of edutainment

Abhik Choudhury
Chief Strategist & Founder-Salt & Paper Consulting,India

We learned everything we would need to know and didn’t even realize it! The most hands-on teaching I’ve ever received across the school, college, and even other digital marketing sessions. 

Neelaksshi Shrivastava
Content manager- Bobble Keyboard,India

Saurabh has a very nuanced understanding of integrated marketing, both from a content as well as media point of view. He has been quite instrumental in helping expanding my expertise.

Roma Joshi
Senior Lead-APAC Strategy-Khoros ,Australia

Saurabh is an exceptional marketing professional with great insight and knowledge on Global market and changing digital trends. He has extensive experience of entrepreneurship and has varied professional working experience so the teaching skill comes naturally to him.

Nupur Chowdhary
AVP - Strategy and Alliances,Home Credit India

Background of the trainer

• Digital lead at Ogilvy Delhi in 2010 + Social Media Lead Webchutney/Drizzlin Delhi 2008 

• Later, was Founder & CEO of Brandlogist-a boutique communication consultancy, which was listed as one of the 'hot players in Brandville by Hindustan Times.

• Then founded and sold a tech startup called Cupidly -eCommerce plus services marketplace

• Has also conducted classes or workshops at IIMC, ISB, XIC,  St Paul's, Babsons USA, 9.9 SOC, SRCC-MBA program, PRCIMS & Delhi school of Economics Apart from corporates & government institutions

• Written for newspapers and magazines in India & Drum in Europe,SE-Asia



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Who SHOULD & SHOULDN'T attend?

-People who have joined or plan to join various marketing including digital media courses but don't know what to focus on.

-Senior Professionals who are wondering if their skills of branding or traditional advertising are getting irrelevant for today's world.

-Young marketers who are overwhelmed with the rapidly evolving ecosystem and want to have a discussion on where it's going & possibilitiesfor their future.

-Those who are sick of paying money & not getting value beyond random metrics from their marketing (PS-We can't discuss the exact solution for your business ,but we will start with the approach)

- A social media manager whose career is going well but fails to answer "what's the advantage compared to cost I can provide viz-a-viz a younger,fresher professional who is more in sync with the latest trends. "

-Marketers who are happy with status quo or those without a background of marketing.

Pay what you find reasonable:

Typically the price for a session like this will be 4000 to 10000 INR. The base price here 2500 Rs. You can pay what you find reasonable. 

a few important things to remember :

Virtual via Zoom

The workshop is virtual & the link will be sent to you by the 25th of February. 100% refund minus payment gateway charges,only till 48 hours before the workshop starts. For refunds or webinar link not recieved message on  

Video is a must

The idea is to duplicate the real-world experience as much as possible. So you will be required to switch on your video during the duration of the workshop & we can remove people without a refund if they don't respect the workshop decorum.

Diverse attendees

Attendees can be from a range of backgrounds-cities, genders, years of experience, industries etc. One huge benefit of workshops is the diversity of challenges faced & solutions explored. Please come with an open mind.

Post the Worskhop

During the workshop, you will be introduced to various concepts -some in-depth, most with a quick overview. The main benefit of the workshop comes from you taking those learnings to explore more, executing more, strategizing & marketing better.

...and some of our perspectives  on marketing from various marketing / business publications:

some of Saurabh's articles from various publications to give you an idea of his take on brands,business & strategy

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